Vicente Fox is Running Against Trump in Profanity Laced Cringe Video

Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, has been embarrassing himself and his country for almost a year now, having become completely obsessed with President Trump.
Fox pretends that he cares about the welfare of Americans, which is an outright lie: his cartels and illegal immigrants have wreaked havoc on America for years, and it never bothered him.
The real reason Vicente Fox hates President Trump so much, is simply because Trump proved him wrong, and he’s such a petty and insecure little man that he cannot let it go.
Fox shot his mouth off during Trump’s candidacy, using vulgar and unpresidential language very publicly, claiming that Mexico would never pay for Trump’s Wall, and that Trump himself would never become the United States President.
After being proven wrong, the ego-driven Fox, who clearly suffers from some feelings of inadequacy, went off the deep-end, and is now committed to humiliating himself in order to lash out at President Trump.
In fact, Fox went so far as to make his own mock-commercial, a cringeworthy and hateful affair that portrays the former Mexican president contemplating a run for President of the United States.
Vicente Fox suffers from one of the worst cases of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” ever witnessed, and has lost any dignity he once had.
Now, the disgraced former world leader has denigrated himself to the level of a third rate standup comedian, and it’s just pathetic.
After leading his own country down the road of ruin, why on earth would Vicente Fox think that American would EVER consider letting him run for dog-catcher, let alone President?
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