VIDEO: Jaw-Dropping Footage of Irma Nearing Florida

As Hurricane Irma threatens the United States East Coast, specifically Florida, some powerful footage is emerging from places that have already been hit by the storm.
In fact, many places in Florida are already feeling the effects, and as the storm surge gains momentum, some crazy things are happening.
We’ve seen massive damage from areas like Cuba and the Bahamas, which have already been hit badly by Hurricane Irma, and now, we’re seeing the real-time effects right here at home, too.
In Florida, sail boats have broken away from their docks and are smashing into Highway 1 in Key West.
Reports of water levels rising are coming in as well, and some believe that the entire island of Key West, Florida, will be under water.
During this dangerous time, it is important for all residents of Florida and the East Coast to heed the warnings of their city and state officials.
If evacuation is recommended, don’t hesitate to leave, and keep your safety and the safety of family, pets, and friends as a top priority.
Hurricane Irma is an extremely powerful and lethal storm, and you can see from the footage below that it is nothing to take lightly.
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