We Need This Again! Team USA’s Coach Benched Anyone Who Sat During the Anthem

Back in 2016,  Team USA’s Coach, John Tortorella, vowed to bench any player who decided to sit out the national anthem.
Seriously, we need this mentality in ALL sports!
If athletes want to disrespect America, it’s their right to do so on their own time, but using their job as a platform to preach anti-American sentiment should come with harsh consequences.
Those who are paid to play sports need to understand that it’s a job, and they need to focus on doing the job they’re paid to do, rather than trying to force their political beliefs on fans.
It’s up to owners and coaches to take a stand and end this disgraceful, pathetic behavior from the players.
From Townhall
None of Tortorella’s players protested the Star-Spangled Banner during the entirety of the World Cup of Hockey tournament, which was won by Team Canada.
While this was only a year ago, it seems like it was eons ago. Boy, things have changed since this comment was made–and while Tortorella was praised for it at the time, he’d likely be crucified by the media and/or fans and/or Twitter if he made these comments today.
Things sure changed rapidly, eh?
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