9-Year-Old Sends Trump $3, Gets HUGE Surprise in Return!

Davies learned that President Trump refused to accept his Presidential salary, and decided to help.
“I thought, how is he going to eat or drink, or, you know, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything,” said Davies, who knew exactly what he needed to do, and immediately mailed a letter to the president.
Although Eli’sha was saving his money for a mandolin, he didn’t hesitate to give his entire savings of three dollars to help President Trump, and as time passed, the boy forgot all about his donation.
Earlier in the week, however, Eli’sha got a big surprise in the mail, which came in the form of a very large envelope addressed to him, from none other than the White House.
Inside was a handwritten letter from President Trump, which said, “One of the best aspects of my job as President is hearing from young Americans like you, and I am grateful for your and your family’s prayers.”
“With your faith and determination, I have no doubt you can do anything to which you set your mind,” the president told Eli’sha, and also told the boy, “Think big and dream even bigger! You are the future of our great nation.”
President Trump also included an autographed photo, as well as Eli’sha’s three dollars, which he could not accept.
Things kept getting better for Eli’sha, and when the Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. heard of his struggles to get a mandolin for church, they sent him a brand new one!
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