94-Year-Old WWII Vet Puts NFL to Shame By Standing For Anthem on One Leg

As the NFL continues to insult our veterans by kneeling for the National Anthem, we’ve seen high school athletes, the “Lingerie Football League,” and others put them to shame, now, WWII veteran is joining in.
94-year-old Marian Morreale is a World War II Coast Guard veteran, and recently underwent a leg amputation, but that didn’t stop her from reminding the rest of us what true patriotism is.
After being invited by the Buffalo Sabres to open their first NHL game of the season, Morreale practiced for three months to be ready for her big moment.
When the time came, this American hero stood up from her wheelchair and remained standing for the entire National Anthem.
When asked about the NFL protesters, Mirian doesn’t have any hard feelings towards them, saying she would “hold their hand and say, ‘Be a man and stand, and forgive the president.’ But I don’t blame them for being mad.”
Morreale, who joined the Coast Guard when she was 20, also said, “I think for these young athletes and the salaries they make, they should stand for the national anthem.”
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