Actor Claims Trump Favoring Opioid Crisis Over Crack Because He’s Racist

Once again, another race baiting Hollywood actor with a history of being arrested is using a national crisis to promote their racially-charged agenda.
Wendell Pierce, who appeared in HBO’s “The Wire,” tweeted that the opioid crisis is getting treated differently from the crack epidemic because it “affects white people.”
This statement is not only completely and utterly false and devoid of substance, it’s also brazenly racist.
Sadly, it’s becoming all too common for low-info, racist celebrities and athletes to use social media to spread false information and anti-white propaganda, without a second thought as to the consequences.
By pushing such a bigoted, hateful message, people like Wendell Pierce are not helping anything, and are only managing to instill further division and separatism, as well as encouraging an “us versus them” mentality.
The opioid crisis, which is affects Americans of ALL races, is happening now, whereas the crack epidemic of the early 1990’s was over twenty years ago, and is hardly comparable now.
Additionally, crack cocaine was not mass-produced and distributed by a global pharmaceutical industry that rakes in billions of dollars each year, and has profited by knowingly selling addictive and dangerous opioid-derived painkillers.
What race baiters like Wendell Pierce fail to realize, is that drug abuse is a problem that all races encounter, and will only begin to be effectively treated when all Americans can come together as one and discuss options.
Last May, Wendell Pierce was arrested at a Atlanta Hotel.
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