Alyssa Milano Asks Dumb Question on Hillary’s Dossier, INSTANTLY Backfires!

No matter the situation, you can always count on Alyssa Milano to say something completely idiotic…
We just found yesterday that Hillary and the DNC funded the infamous Trump/Russia dossier, which is a BIG deal.
But liberals are brushing it off like it’s nothing, especially Alyssa Milano who asked her fellow Twitter buddies if it really mattered that Hillary funded it.
After all, it’s just “campaign research” as Alyssa points out.
No, she really said that!
Yes, it does matter! That “campaign research” was the basis for FISA warrants, which allowed the government to wiretap and unmask members of Trump’s team.
Also, Donald Trump Jr. was conducting “campaign research” when he met with a lawyer who happened to be Russian, but liberals wanted him behind bars for that!
Of course, she swiftly got eaten alive for this idiotic question:
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