Alyssa Milano Tries to Defend Her Silence on Weinstein, Shows Her Hypocrisy Instead

When accusations of serial sexual abuse began coming out against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, many entertainment industry elites quickly “chose sides.”
Some Hollywood insiders came forward with their own stories of abuse, while others, like washed up actress Alyssa Milano, remained silent for as long as possible.
Milano, who finally denounced Weinstein, said that she waited so long to do so out of “respect” for his wife and children.
The audacity of that comment is staggering, considering Milano didn’t hesitate to publicly accuse President Trump of “sexual misconduct” based on a proven lie, and gave no consideration to his wife or children.
Milano, like all liberals, is an opportunist who pretends to care when necessary, and had no problems slandering President Trump with absolutely no proof.
In the end, Alyssa Milano was silent about Harvey Weinstein because she wanted to keep her D-List career afloat, not because she “respected” his family’s privacy.
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