Another Gold Star Widow Is Speaking Up to Defend President Trump

The anti-Trump bias from the mainstream media and the Democrats has never been more blatant, and now, the enemies of our “America First” president are desperately trying to smear his name by politicizing the deaths of four U.S. soldiers in Africa.
After President Trump called the families of the fallen heroes, one demented Democrat politician, Frederica Wilson (D-Fl) immediately spread a disgusting lie that he was disrespectful during the calls.
Of course, the lying press jumped right on the story, and quickly used it to keep pushing their anti-Trump agenda, but now, others are coming forward to refute the lie.
One of the soldier’s widow’s came forward first, then a second, Michelle Black, who is the widow of Special Forces soldier Bryan Black, spoke out as well.
According to Black, President Trump’s call was welcomed and appreciated, “I’m very grateful that he called and he spoke to the kids. And I think that the excitement from that made it a little better, even if it was just for a minute.”
Black added, “So, yeah, he was very gracious, and I appreciate anyone who calls cause, like I said, that takes quite a bit of bravery to call into that kind of situation.”
The fact that the left would politicize the deaths of four American heroes in order to attack the president is truly sick, especially given the common knowledge of President Trump’s deep love and admiration for our military and their families.
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