Anti-Trump Rapper Chuck D Claims ‘MAGA” Has This Secret Hateful Meaning

According to radical anti-Trump rapper Chuck D, “Make America Great Again” really means white male supremacy.
In an unhinged conspiracy filled rant for the Daily Beast, Chuck D also claims blacks must be “radical” to survive and that Trump has “no moral scruples, no ethics, no knowledge of laws.”
Chuck D predicts President Trump’s health will fail him within 2 years and then America will “deal with the tyranny of Mike Pence.”
Yup. THIS is the insanity delusional leftists have dreamed up in their own self-created nightmare vision of the world.
Rapper Chuck D Writes in “The Daily Beast”
There’s a reason why Trump stole Reagan’s slogan.
“Make America Great Again” means that the white male will always reign supreme, and there’s no room for anybody else.
Being black and taking on the term “radical” is all about survival. You must be radical to survive. Trump, after all, is the frontman for the rock group that is the United States of America. Trump has no moral scruples, no ethics, no knowledge of laws.
Trump doesn’t know anything other than what he wants to know. But all the king’s men are different. Mike Pence is different. Jeff Sessions is different.
How long will Trump be in office? Health-wise, I don’t think he’ll be there longer than two years, which is what inspired me to write “Hail to the Chief.” He’ll slide further and further into irrationality.
If he doesn’t get impeached, he’ll come up with his own trumped-up reasons for why he can’t do the job. And then we’ll have to deal with the tyranny of Mike Pence.
Welcome to the United States of America.
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