Assange Reveals Why Hillary is Lying About Not Running in 2020

Despite her repeated claims that she is finished with politics, Julian Assange is not buying it.
His reasoning is actually quite compelling.
Could we see a Trump Hillary rematch in 2020? Never say never.
From Infowars
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange thinks that Hillary Clinton is preparing to run for president yet again in 2020.
“Hillary Clinton is clearly trying to position herself to run in 2020. Such ambition knows no odds,” he tweeted earlier today.
Assange also linked to a video flashback to how Clinton initially refused to concede to Obama back in 2008 because of the possibility that he could have been assassinated like RFK.
The Wikileaks founder also trolled the former Secretary of State by quote tweeting an October 2016 tweet posted by Hillary’s official account which reads, “Happy birthday to this future president,” alongside a picture of Clinton as a young girl.
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