BREAKING: Bush and McCain Booed by GOP Convention Goers

The “Old Guard” of the GOP elite have lost their power in the political arena.
Remember the old days, when someone like George W. Bush would speak, and the entire party would gather ’round to listen?
Even John McCain had respect and a voice back then, as a “war hero” and a staunch conservative.
Well, President Trump broke them, and Steve Bannon, Trump’s self-proclaimed “wingman,” is now heaping dirt on their graves.
During his speech at the California Republican Party’s Fall Convention, Bannon went after the globalist twosome.
The Republican crowd cheered as Bannon shredded McCain and Bush, and booed the duo when Bannon pointed out their obstruction towards President Trump’s America First agenda.
Bannon said that American citizens should have a preference for jobs and economic opportunity.  And that people should have to compete against foreign labor and illegal alien labor.  He also decried Europe as being a protectorate of the United States, making no effort to protect themselves.
He said that this is changing, “It’s not that we are being isolationists. We have to start thinking like adults… We have to stop worrying about these global institutions… The rules-based international order has worked for everybody except the united states of America.”
“President Bush embarrassed himself,” Bannon said as he offered a stinging critique of President George W. Bush after the former President’s recent public criticisms of President Trump. “It is clear he didn’t understand anything he was talking about.  He had no idea whether he was coming or going.  Just like when he was President of the United States. There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s.”
Bannon’s strong criticism of Bush was met with a lot of applause in the GOP audience – which drew a surprised look from those in the room who clearly were not pleased someone speaking ill of the former Republican President.
It wasn’t just President Bush who was singled out by Bannon for his recent remarks, Bannon also was critical of U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ).  While careful to praise McCain for his service to the country, he said that McCain’s speech this week was “nothing but happy talk.”
Former President Bush and Senator McCain were both booed by the Republican audience.
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