BREAKING: FBI Turning Dossier Docs Over to Congress After Stalling for MONTHS

It’s about time.
The FBI has said it will comply with House Intelligence request to for information and documents related to the fake Trump-Russia dossier funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
Congress has been asking for the data for months.
The Justice Department will turn over documents related to the anti-Trump dossier by next week, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday, giving congressional investigators access to information they’ve long been seeking about the genesis and use of the controversial document.
Mr. Ryan said he was steamed to see details of the document leak to the press earlier this week, when the House intelligence committee had been asking for information from government investigators for months.
“Yesterday morning, the FBI got in touch with us yesterday afternoon, and they have informed us that they will comply with our document requests, and that they will provide the documents Congress has been asking for by next week. And we expect the FBI to honor that commitment,” Mr. Ryan said.
The 35-page document surfaced during the last weeks of last year’s campaign, and contained salacious and unsubstantiated information on Mr. Trump.
This week a law firm that represented Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted it paid for research to be done by Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled the dossier, using a former British spy to gather anti-Trump information.
A campaign finance complaint has already been filed over the revelation, with the Campaign Legal Center saying the Clinton campaign appeared to be using its law firm to disguise the payments.
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