BREAKING: Hillary’s TOTALLY NEW, Never-Before Blamed Reason for Election Loss!

Hillary has a brand new, never-before-seen reason for her epic and humiliating 2016 election loss.
Thus far, Clinton has blamed Russians, the FBI, the date of the election, men, women, people of all races, misogyny, James Comey, and the media for her loss.
Now, however, she’s adding a new reason to the evergrowing pile.
Her newest reason for the loss is none other than, Nigel Farage!
Clinton accused the British politician of “campaigning” for President Trump, and of helping to perpetuate “the big lie,” in yet another pathetic attempt to deflect from her own dismal failure as a candidate.
Continuing her British leg of the What Happened book tour, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reiterated her favoured tropes of anti-Brexitism, Russian hackers, and ‘fake news’ to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, and deflected questions about her friendship with alleged rapist Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, her husband’s own alleged sexual predations, and whether her status as part of an elite lead to her election loss, blaming instead a conspiracy of Russian hackers and ‘possibly’ the Trump campaign.
Reading from her 512-page post mortem where she explains how she lost the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Marr quoted an excerpt where Clinton observed that voters “just didn’t like me” – but rather than reflectively acknowledging the loss was her responsibility, almost immediately she blamed “a concerted and effective campaign to tear me down”.
Descending into the Democrat’s favoured and familiar conspiracy theories, she claimed campaign staffer John Podesta’s emails were hacked by Russian intelligence, exposed by WikiLeaks, which she called a “mouthpiece for Russian authoritarianism”, and were “weaponised” and turned into “phony news stories” at fake news factories in Macedonia (a small, former Yugoslav nation of a population of less than one-quarter of London’s).
Claiming that “the Russians wanted to help Trump and hurt me”, she alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin had a “personal grudge” against her.
Asked by Marr on Sunday if she thought the campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia, she said: “We don’t know the answer to that. That is part of what is being explored.”
The globalist took another swipe at former UKIP leader Farage, accusing him of using the same “big lies” to get the president elected as those used to win the EU referendum. “I want to make another point about Brexit. Looking at Brexit, it was a precursor to what happened to us in the United States,” she said.
“You had Farage campaigning for Trump. The big lie is a very potent tool.”
Blasting the globalist former New York Senator, Brexit leader Nigel Farage told his LBC listeners Clinton needs to accept responsibility for her election loss.
“Hillary Clinton is in a state of denial, she’s making herself look, frankly, ridiculous,” Mr. Farage said.
“She blames the whole world. The Russians. The lies that were told in Brexit. Everything is the fault of other people, nothing is to do with her.”
Mr. Farage, who suggested last week Clinton retitle her book “The Great Big Whinge”, added: “American voters were turned off by her sense of entitlement.
“I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”
Addressing the former U.S. Secretary of State directly, Farage said: “Hillary you lost. Move on. The war is over for you.”
Asked on the UK’s exit from the European Union and the impact of a ‘no deal’ scenario, she said it would be “a very big disadvantage to Britain,” where the UK “would not have as easy access to the European market that you’ve had under EU membership” – ignoring the fact that that European countries are also reliant on trade with the UK.
Clinton then mocked the prospective trade deal with the U.S. under President Trump, alleging “You’re making a trade deal with someone who doesn’t believe in trade,” despite the president pledging multiple times the UK would be at the front of the queue to sign a trade deal.
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