BREAKING: Monica Lewinsky’s ‘Sexual Assault’ Victim Tweet is VIRAL!

Alyssa Milano’s career in Hollywood may have ended in the late 1990’s, but in her own mind, she’s still very important, and now has become a “social justice warrior” and “Resistance” leader.
The D-List actress has taken it upon herself to “resist” President Trump, mostly by posting rambling, semi-coherent thoughts on social media.
In a desperate bid for attention, Milano capitalized on the Harvey Weinstein scandal by creating a trending hashtag “#MeToo” about women being assaulted and harassed.
While Alyssa Milano’s tweet was hardly genuine, considering she and the rest of Hollywood apparently knew of the rampant sexual abuse and assault for decades and said nothing, one response to her tweet was unexpected.
Many have speculated that Monica Lewinski’s reply of “Me too” was made in reference to Bill Clinton, and others wondered if she actually meant Hillary, who was alleged to have tried to bully Lewinski into silence.
The Clinton family and other prominent Democrat politicians have long histories with known sexual predators, including Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Weiner, and several others.
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