BREAKING: Obama/Clinton Russian Uranium Scandal Officially UNDER INVESTIGATION!

Hillary has gotta be shaking in her boots!
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes just announced a joint investigation with the House Oversight Committee into the Obama administration’s 2010 Russian uranium deal.
“This is just the beginning of this probe,” Nunes said in a press conference from the Capitol. “We are not going to jump to any conclusions at this time, but one of the things, as you know, that we’re concerned about is whether or not there was an FBI investigation. Was there a DOJ investigation? And if so, why was Congress not informed of this matter?”
The controversies over the 2010 deal have resurfaced after media reports suggested that Russia was working to blackmail and extort people in America in order to further Moscow’s pursuit of atomic energy interests in the United States. A report from The Hill suggested that an FBI informant had first-hand knowledge of some of the blackmail, extortion, or money-laundering schemes that the Kremlin was pursuing in possible relation to the 2010 deal.
Despite that information, the Obama administration allowed Russia to buy a company that gave Russia control of about 20 percent of all the uranium in the U.S. and Canada. Republicans are also curious about any involvement that Hillary Clinton had in that agreement.
Last week, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley demanded that the Department of Justice release the FBI informant from his confidentiality agreement after The Hill report suggested that the informant had first-hand knowledge of some of the schemes that the Kremlin was engaged in related to their overall atomic energy efforts, and possibly to the 2010 deal.
Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said they would be seeking the testimony of the confidential informant as well.
“We do have a witness who is a confidential informant who wants to talk about his role in this, and we’re in contact with the Justice Department to release him from a nondisclosure agreement,” DeSantis said. “If that doesn’t work out in a timely fashion, then we obviously would be able to subpoena him.”
President Trump weighed in on the growing controversy last week by suggesting that an investigation into the uranium deal was more important than the ongoing investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections.
“The real story is uranium,” Trump told reporters in the White House. “Not a story where they talk about collusion and there was none. It was a hoax. Your real Russia story is uranium and how they got all of that uranium — the vast percentage of what we have. That, to me, is one of the big stories of the decade. Not just now. The decade.”
On Monday, Clinton dismissed the rising controversies, calling them “baloney” and suggested that Republicans have ulterior motives in resurrecting the issue.
“I think the real story is how nervous they are about these continuing [Russia] investigations,” Clinton said on C-SPAN.
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