BREAKING: O’Reilly DEBUNKS Megyn Kelly’s Smear Campaign Against Him!

In a desperate quest for ratings, Megyn Kelly just went on a tangent, slamming Bill O’Reilly for his treatment of women and Fox News’ response.
But O’Reilly just delivered a knockout punch that Megyn (or Gretchen Carlson) won’t be able to get up from!
This comes after O’Reilly claimed in the more than 20 years he worked at Fox News, ‘not one complaint was filed against him with the Human Resources Department or Legal Department by a coworker, even on the anonymous hotline.’
The New York Times has reported that O’Reilly had reached a previously undisclosed $32 million settlement with former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl in January 2017.
In response, O’Reilly has released three personal letters he says were written to him by his former colleagues—two letters from Megyn Kelly and one from Gretchen Carlson.
Dear Bill:
What a class act you are, coming to my baby shower. I was truly touched – I know how busy you are, especially that time of day. It meant a lot to me + Doug. And thank you for the darling bodysuits + snuggly – it’s hard to believe will soon have a little human being in our lives tiny enough to fit in the,
You’ve become a dear friend (no matter what you say) + I am grateful to have you in my life.
-Megyn & Doug
Bill –
Thanks for the plug on Doug’s book. I realize you didn’t have to do that, especially after mentioning it already.
I appreciate how supportive you have been of me over the years here @ FNC.
You are a true friend + mentor.
Bill –
Thank you for being the calm in the sea.
Thank you so much for supporting me.
Thank you for being my friend.
It means the world to me
[Gretchen Carlson]
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