BREAKING POLL: It’s OVER For Jeff Flake!

It’s still early, but at the rate Flake is sinking in the Arizona polls, it’s over for him.
The anti-Trump self-proclaimed globalist is so unpopular, he’s literally bottoming out in the polls and the GOP is now using him as a “case study” for angry voters vs establishment Republicans.
From AP
Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake’s re-election race is becoming a case study in the GOP’s convulsions among the establishment, a furious base and angry donors.
After bucking Donald Trump in a state the president won, Flake is bottoming out in polls. Yet Republicans look like they may be stuck with a hard-core conservative challenger who some fear could win the primary but lose in the general election.
A White House search for a candidate to replace former state Sen. Kelli Ward in the primary appears to have hit a wall. And now conservatives want to turn Arizona into the latest example of a Trump Train outsider taking down a member of the GOP establishment.
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