BREAKING: Project Veritas Confronts NY Times Managing Editor Over Scandal

Moments ago, investigative reporters Project Veritas caught up with Clifford Levy of the NY Times to ask him about the unethical staffers who were caught on camera.
You can see how he reacts in the video.
Watch the video:
(NEW YORK) – On October 18, 2017, Project Veritas founder and president James O’Keefe confronted New York Times Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy on the streets of Brooklyn to get comment on the status of Nicholas Dudich’s employment status at The Times.
Nicholas Dudich was featured in Parts I and II of the American Pravda NYT investigation. He was caught on camera admitting his bias, and describing how he uses his position at The Times to achieve his personal agendas.
O’Keefe also asked Levy if he had seen the comments that Senior Editor Desiree Shoe made on hidden camera (Part III), which corroborated some of Dudich’s claims. Shoe was caught admitting that NYT journalists wrote articles to expose how “crazy” Trump is in hopes to influence voters.
Levy also was asked if he agreed with Executive Editor Dean Baquet’s description of James O’Keefe as a “sinner.”
Levy refused to comment directly to any of the questions.
In case you missed the original expose:
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