BREAKING: Statue of Theodore Roosevelt VANDALIZED

The militant left continues its war on American statues and monuments, and have now targeted a statue of President Theodore Roosevelt.
The statue, which was build in 1938, has been decried as “racist” by the left.
Police say that a red liquid, similar to liquid used to deface a Christopher Columbus statue close by, was splashed on the Roosevelt statue in the early morning hours.
Although the trend seems to be dying down, left-wing thugs have repeatedly vandalized statues across the country which they deem “racist” or otherwise “offensive.”
So far, no suspects have been identified.
From Fox News
A red liquid was splashed on the base of the Theodore Roosevelt statue outside the American Museum of National History in New York City early Thursday morning, police said, continuing a trend of vandalism of statues deemed offensive by certain groups.
The paint spray was discovered around 7:15 a.m. Thursday morning, said police, who believe the incident occurred sometime after 4 a.m. No words were written with the paint.
Erected in 1938, the 10-foot-tall statue depicts the nation’s 26th president on horseback, flanked by an indigenous man and an African-American man.
The statue, which sits on the steps leading up to the museum, has been a focal point of Columbus Day protests for several years. Activists claim it depicts racism, and white supremacy over other cultures.
“This is not a way to advance this conversation,” Anne Canty, a spokesperson for the museum told Fox News. “The mayor has opened [a] panel, looking at the question of statues. We refer people to that.”
No suspect has been identified and police said the investigation is ongoing. The city’s parks department said a crew has been sent to clean up the liquid.
The incident comes weeks after a similar liquid was splashed on a Christopher Columbus statue several blocks away.
“Hate will not be tolerated,” the unidentified vandal wrote on the Columbus statue along with “#somethingscoming.”
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