BREAKING: Trump Expects to Nominate FOUR SCOTUS Justices

President Trump is poised to literally change the face of the nation for decades to come.
The president expects to make 4 SCOTUS nominations, and said recently that he does not think Sotomayor and Ginsberg will “make it” through his first term.
This step would help American even more than even the “Trump Wall” itself, as it would put control of the Supreme Court in the hands of conservatives for decades to come.
President Trump is making moves that will wrench control away from the establishment elites and the liberal politicians who are destroying our country, and will make it harder for agenda-driven “activist judges” to abuse their power.
President Donald Trump expects to nominate a total of four Supreme Court justices, claiming that three seats will likely become vacant during his first term, anonymous sources told Mike Allen of Axios.
Trump expects to fill the seats of Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor in addition to nominating Neil Gorsuch, who Trump nominated to fill former Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat earlier this year. Scalia died in 2016, well before Trump took office.
Rumors about Justice Kennedy’s retirement floated around SCOTUS circles this summer, and many people expect the 81-year-old to retire before the end of Trump’s first term. That would make a total of two seats for Trump to fill.
Asked by the source who the other vacancies would be, Trump said Ginsburg’s seat is likely to become vacant. “What does she weigh? 60 pounds?” Trump told the source.
Asked who the fourth vacant seat would be, Trump replied “Sotomayor,” referring to the first justice nominated by former President Barack Obama. At 63, Sotomayor is rarely mentioned as a pending vacant seat on the court.
But Trump believes that her longtime struggle with type-1 diabetes imperils her future on the court. “Her health,” Trump said. “No good. Diabetes,” Trump reportedly said.
Sotomayor has discussed her fight against diabetes and how she copes with the disease on a daily basis. “It wasn’t so bad, but it was still bad,” Sotomayor saidduring a meeting of diabetic children in 2011. “It was still something that I had to deal with, grow up with and figure out how to live with.”
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