BREAKING: Turley “Allegations Against Clintons Could Potentially Be Criminal”

Will the Clintons FINALLY face justice for their central role in the Obama era Uranium scandal?
The swamp has a way of protecting their leaders so we are skeptical but we may never have a better chance then now with President Trump in office.
From FoxNews
Professor Jonathan Turley said allegations against the Clintons in regards to Russia could “potentially be criminal” but cautioned that they just as well may not be.
“It’s good to have something that’s more recognizable as a criminal allegation,” Turley said of the new allegations against Democrats, compared to those made against President Trump.
Turley, who teaches at George Washington University in Foggy Bottom, D.C., said it isn’t necessarily a crime to collude.
However, he cautioned that there is a possibility the “allegations against the Clintons could potentially be criminal.”
He said the sizeable fee paid to Bill Clinton for speaking in Russia around the time of the Uranium One deal should be examined, but said that in fairness, it could just be bad timing.
Turley added that the legitimacy of the monies spent on the Trump Dossier should also be examined closely.
Turley said that, on the Republican side, the Trump data team allegedly had someone reach out to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange regarding Clinton emails.
“It’s not necessarily a crime to reach out to see if that information will be publicly available,” he said, adding that the crime would likely be in any “hacking of systems” to get the information to WikiLeaks.
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