BREAKING: Unhinged McCain Just Accused President Trump of Lying!

John McCain’s obstruction tour is apparently just warming up.
After killing Obamacare repeal twice, McCain appears dead set on siding with Democrats and painting President Trump in as negative light as possible.
From Breitbart
While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated that “Of course” the Trump administration hasn’t been forthcoming about the deadly Niger attack.
McCain said that a subpoena might be required to get to the bottom of the attack, but he had “a good conversation with General McMaster, and they said that they would be briefing us. … And we’ll, hopefully, get all the details.”
One of the reporters asked McCain, “Do you feel the administration’s been forthcoming up to this point about what happened there?”
McCain answered, “Of course not.”
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