BREAKING: Vegas Shooter’s Disturbing Internet History Found!

Las Vegas murderer Stephen Paddock’s internet history reveals a person obsessed with planning his mass killing.
Paddock search history included looking for details about how Vegas police and SWAT would break into the room of a shooter.
He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew what was going to happen.
Much of the motivation and thinking of the Las Vegas gunman remains entirely mysterious. But more and more is emerging about how Stephen Paddock prepared for his attack, the most deadly shooting in modern history.
Investigators have revealed what the killer was searching for in the days before the attack. And it offers an insight into the mind of the man who would go on to kill 58 people in his attack.
Paddock’s search history shows him looking for precise details about how Las Vegas police and SWAT would break into a shooter’s room, an anonymous investigator told the Wall Street Journal.
The discovery came just as it was reported that investigators had also found chilling details about Paddock’s computer.
Investigators suspect gunman removed the hard drive from the laptop after opened fire from his high-rise suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino into a crowd at a country music concert, killing 58 people and wounded hundreds of others, an official told the Associated Press.
The hard drive hasn’t been found, according to the official, and the absence of digital clues adds yet another puzzling aspect to the investigation as authorities try to figure out what might’ve led the 64-year-old high-stakes gambler to commit the mass killing. Investigators have examined his politics, finances, any possible radicalization and his social behavior — typical investigative avenues that have helped uncover the motive in past shootings — and there’s still no clear motive.
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