Classless Lawrence O’Donnell Claims Trump Wanted to Abort His Daughter Tiffany

Since the election of President Trump, liberals have been losing their minds on a daily basis, and have abandoned any attempts to behave like rational, decent human beings.
We’ve seen the liberal media push unbelievable lies and slander about our president, and their low-info viewers believe the fake news without question.
Now, the left has come under more fire, this time for trying to resurrect one of their failed anti-Trump talking points, claiming that President Trump “wanted to abort” his youngest daughter, Tiffany.
This ridiculous liberal fantasy stems from a 1993 interview with Howard Stern, in which Trump discusses the birth of his daughter and his relationship with her mother.
The left has attempted to use this narrative before, as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell first suggested it during the 2016 election, and are revisiting it in their desperation to attack President Trump.
This is just one more pathetic example of the liberal mainstream media in action, proving that the press is not only clearly biased against Trump, but is also incapable of operating above the level of tabloid journalism.
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