CNN Doesn’t Know Difference Between ‘Bump Stock’ and GRENADE LAUNCHER

Why do Democrats insist on talking about guns and weapons?
Given the ridiculous comments from liberals on guns, it’s clear that they have no clue what they’re even talking about, and it’s embarrassing.
Now, liberals are calling suppressors “silencers,” and think they are like the silencing devices you see in movies.
They’re not, but the low-info left typically gets their “facts” on guns straight from Hollywood movies, and have no problem pushing fake news and outright lies in their quest to demolish the Second Amendment.
CNN really took ignorance to new levels, when they showed an image of a semi-automatic gun, claiming it was equipped with a “bump stock,” when in fact, it was a GRENADE LAUNCHER.
Obviously, the average citizen is not able to purchase a rifle equipped with an grenade launcher, but the lying liberal media has no problems spreading more fake news to further their anti-gun agenda.
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