CNN Hack Sally Kohn Tries to BLAME Trump for Weinstein, INSTANTLY Backfires!

Recently, CNN’s resident loudmouth and attention-seeker, Sally Kohn, had the audacity to try and BLAME President Trump for the disgraceful downfall of the Harvey Weinstein.

Like every other liberal, Kohn’s perception of reality is a little “off,” and her logic behind likening the president to a Hollywood degenerate was flawed at best.
In truth, Sally Kohn is so obsessed with President Trump that she will manage to work him into any topic, which is exactly what she did with her idiotic tweet.
Of course, Trump supporters on Twitter quickly responded to the liberal lunatic.
The worst part is, Sally Kohn is a “professional” who is paid handsomely to “report” for one of the biggest mainstream media outlets in America, but her performance is well short of tabloid journalism.
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