CNN’s Chris Cuomo Keeps Attacking Trump Supporters on Twitter

Chris Cuomo, host of CNN’s “New Day,” isn’t shy about the fact that he’s no fan of President Trump, and recently, showed his lack of respect for supporters of our president.
The Trump-hating fake news peddler decided to take a shot at Trump supporters by calling one a “lemming” on Twitter, although this tweet didn’t get Cuomo the attention he craved.
For some reason, Cuomo seemed really intent on using the word “lemming” as an insult to Trump supporters, likely due to the

popular misconception that lemmings blindly follow their leader, even over a cliff.
In a desperate bid for attention, the CNN host continued to use the word in other tweets aimed at supporters of President Trump.
Interestingly enough, however, Cuomo’s “lemming” insult is rooted in fake news itself, as the 1958 Disney documentary that started the myth of the “suicidal lemming” was debunked as a hoax.
Chris Cuomo, much like the other anti-Trump shills in the mainstream media, is too arrogant to fact-check the things he says, and doesn’t hesitate to push fake news and outright lies to suit his agenda.
The way that politicians, celebrities, and media personalities have openly treated Trump supporters is shameful and inexcusable, but only goes to strengthen our resolve to “Make America Great Again!”
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