CNN’s Don Lemon Accuses Trump of Having an ‘Obama Obsession’

CNN’s Don Lemon is taking the definition of hypocrisy to new levels, as he continues relentlessly pushing anti-Trump rhetoric, and has managed to embarrass himself once again.
Lemon recently attempted to mock the president by calling him “obsessed,” and by claiming that Trump only cares about undoing Obama’s legacy.
“Does President Trump have an Obama obsession? The president is making it his mission to undo every last bit of the Obama legacy,” said Lemon.
Interestingly, Don Lemon neglected to point out his own obsession with President Trump, which has driven him mad since the results of the election were announced.
In fact, Lemon has a lot of nerve to call the president “Obama obsessed,” considering he and CNN have devoted virtually every second of airtime to criticizing or discussing President Trump.
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