Comey in Hot Water for Protecting Crooked Hillary Instead of U.S. Uranium

Under Barack Obama, the FBI, which was once known as virtually infallible among law enforcement agencies, became a shell of its former self.
Former FBI Director James Comey, an Obama stooge, allowed the agency to degrade to the point of embarrassment, and during his tenure, several egregious mistakes were made.
The now-disgraced FBI dropped the ball on investigations into the radical Islamic terrorists behind the San Bernardino shooting and the Orlando nightclub massacre, both of which could have been prevented.
Additionally, the agency “accidentally” bungled the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, while serving as goons to provide security for Bill Clinton’s infamous tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch.
Now, with new revelations coming to light into the FBI’s apparent lack of interest in the Clinton-related Uranium One scandal, the tarnished agency is back in the spotlight.
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News, and while saying he has the “utmost respect” for the FBI, he was shocked with their handling of the Uranium One case.
“Where the hell is the FBI for four years on this case? Seriously, you slow-rolled the case for four years while the Russians bought up a fifth of our nuclear stores?” asked Bongino.
Sadly, the FBI, whose motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity,” has shown little of anything resembling that recently, and should be serving the American people, not the corrupt elitist politicians at the top.
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