Criminal Charges For ‘Protester’ Who Threw Russian Flags At Trump!

Yesterday, a professional anti-Trump protester named Ryan Clayton was arrested for throwing Russian flags at President Trump.

Clayton, who is a member of a liberal activist group “Americans Take Action,” which is dedicated to undermining the president, shouted “traitor” as he threw the flags, and was quickly taken into custody by the Capitol Police.
Unbelievably, Clayton was only charged with a misdemeanor for his outrageous behavior, which is simply unacceptable.
The fact that a man who is openly dedicated to “resisting” President Trump was able to get so close, then was allowed to throw objects at the leader of the free world, never should have happened.
Clayton should be facing far more severe charges, and given the violent and insane nature of the left lately, all Trump supporters should be disturbed and concerned with knowing that a potential threat got so close to our leader.
Make no mistake, Ryan Clayton was sending a message with his actions, one which he and his “resistance” buddies are surely hoping will inspire and embolden a more dangerous menace.
Simply put, the paid left-wing agitator should be made an example of, to deter further incidents, and only charging him with a misdemeanor lets the left know that they can keep endangering the life of our President and face no consequences.
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