Crybaby Kaepernick Files Grievance, Claims NFL Owners Colluded Against Him

This is truly unbelievable.
Colin Kaepernick, who decided to make an ass of himself instead of focusing on football which is what he is PAID to do, is now claiming that HE is a victim.
According to his new grievance he is filing, NFL owners unfairly colluded against him to prevent him from getting a new job after leaving the 49ers.
In REALITY, his football skills were waning and clearly no team owner should be forced to put up with a jack*ss who cares more about turning every game into a social justice warrior statement then helping his team win.
The fact Kaepernick thinks HE’s the victim in all of this when he has brought all of the NFL down with him, just shows how incredibly pathetic of a spoiled sore loser he is.
From Yahoo
With NFL owners slated to meet in New York in a matter of days for the fall meetings, free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the league stemming from his lack of employment, says his attorney Mark Geragos.
In the grievance, which has been viewed by Yahoo Sports, Kaepernick’s attorneys are seeking, “Expedited discovery including depositions and document production.” That’s an immense request, which if granted would seek to draw out any informational exchanges that league employees, owners and even front offices had about Kaepernick.
NFL general counsel Jeff Pash was made aware of the grievance by Kaepernick’s representatives on Friday, a second league source told Yahoo Sports. The grievance is expected to allege that NFL teams – specifically, owners – have worked in unison to keep Kaepernick out of the league, violating the collective-bargaining agreement between the NFL and players union. The grievance has been filed under the terms of the CBA that were signed by the league and NFL Players Association in 2011.
Despite leading the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl following the 2012 season, Kaepernick has remained unsigned since opting out of his contract in March. The 49ers were planning to release Kaepernick during the offseason had he not opted out of his deal.
Kaepernick’s grievance was first reported by Bleacher Report on Sunday, as well as the quarterback’s hiring of Geragos.
In a statement, Geragos said,
“We can confirm that this morning we filed a grievance under the CBA on behalf of Colin Kaepernick. This was done only after pursuing every possible avenue with all NFL teams and their executives.
“If the NFL (as well as professional sports leagues) is to remain a meritocracy, then principled and peaceful political protest – which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago – should not be punished and athletes should not be denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the Executive Branch of our government. Such a precent threatens all patriotic Americans and harkens back to our darkest days as a nation. Protecting all athletes from such collusive conduct is what compelled Mr. Kaepernick to file his grievance.
“Colin Kaepernick’s goal has always been, and remains, to simply be treated fairly by the league he performed at the highest level for and to return to the football playing field.”
The grievance comes on the heels of months of debate over whether Kaepernick was being collectively blackballed by the NFL following the “anthem protest” movement he began in 2016 with the 49ers. Meant to draw attention to social justice reform and racial inequality, various forms of protests have swept through the NFL, college and even high school ranks this season.
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