Dallas Cowboys Pay Respect to National Anthem, 49ers Do the OPPOSITE!

When a giant American flag was unveiled during the Cowboys vs. 49ers game before the national anthem, the two teams reacted quite differently.
All the Cowboys were standing, but some 49ers preferred to stick with the attention-seeking stunt destroying the league and play copycat to Anti-American Colin Kaepernick instead.
The Cowboys then went on to defeat the 49ers in a 40-10 blowout.
From TheHill
An American flag in the shape of the U.S. was unveiled Sunday ahead of the San Francisco 49ers game against the Dallas Cowboys, the latest response to a controversy that has embroiled the entire NFL over how teams respond to protests during the national anthem.
The flag was unveiled at the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium.
Some 49ers players kneeled during the national anthem, according to multiple reports.
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