Dan Bongino SLAMS Iran Deal ‘There’s An Obama Deal, Not an Iran Deal’

Yesterday, President Trump announced his plan to decertify the disastrous Obama-era “Iran Deal,” which was one of the worst deals the United States ever made.
Iran, which routinely chants “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel,” has frequently violated the agreement, and has had a belligerent attitude in negotiation with us, yet Obama didn’t hesitate to give them an unbelievable amount of money and power.
Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent, told Fox News that the Iran Deal “didn’t exist,” and was more like the “Obama Deal” than anything.
As Bongino pointed out in the video below, the Iran Deal was supposed to limit Iran’s access to nuclear weaponry, yet the nation has continued to test ballistic missiles and openly discuss nuclear armaments, and have clearly not respected the “spirit of the deal.”
“You probably shouldn’t deliver pallets of cash to a regime whose motto is ‘death to America,'” said Bongino, in a sharp criticism of the failed Obama-era policy.
Watch the video:
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