David Axelrod Makes Ridiculous Claim as to Why Trump is Erasing Obama’s Legacy

Obama lackey David Axelrod is pitching a ridiculous excuse for President Trump’s erasing of Obama’s legacy.
In a recent interview on CNN, Axelrod claims Trump is jealous of Obama’s achievements and is thus trying to dismantle them.
Uh, no David.
Obama’s policies were a disaster for America. President Trump campaigned on dismantling these failed policies and is simply keeping his promises to the voters who overwhelmingly CHOSE to erase Obama’s legacy.
From TheHill
Former senior adviser to President Obama David Axelrod says that President Trump is “jealous” of the former president’s popularity, which may be influencing his policy decisions.
“There’s some other thing at play here that I don’t have the qualifications to analyze that clearly motivates him,” Axelrod said in an interview on CNN’s “Smerconish” Saturday.
“Because every time he talks about anything that President Obama did, he talks about it in these very caustic terms as if he’s jealous or envious of the esteem with which Obama left office.”
Axelrod added that Trump is “motivated” by the desire to “obliterate the Obama legacy.” The ex-Obama aide said that the former president’s focus is less on keeping his legacy intact, and more on the consequences of the current administration’s choices.
“I think what disturbs him, and what should disturb many, is the impact of these decisions,” Axelrod said. “I believe the president thinks this is chum in the water, fulfilling his campaign promises.”
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