Delta REFUSES to Let Passengers Sing Anthem to Honor Soldier’s Remains

Out of all the pathetic displays of political correctness that we’ve had the misfortune of seeing lately, this is surely one of the most shameful examples.
During a Delta Airlines flight on Sunday, passengers tried to honor the remains of a fallen Green Beret, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, by spontaneously singing the national anthem.
Unbelievably, a flight attendant stopped the song, telling passengers, “It is against company policy to do that, and so we are going to land and everybody is going to stay in their seats and be quiet.”
Pamela Gaudry, the passenger who organized the impromptu song, was shocked and horrified, and spoke out in a video that went viral immediately.
Delta has said that its company policy does not forbid singing the national anthem, and that the flight attendant was out of line, and plans to conduct training exercises to prevent future incidents.
The moving gesture made by the passengers is proof that the American spirit is still alive, but the sickening response from the flight attendant is a reminder of how badly damaged that spirit is.
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