Delusional Pervert Harvey Weinstein Thinks He’ll ‘Bounce Back’

Harvey Weinstein, the accused rapist and Hollywood pervert, is truly delusional.
The man who is accused of first-degree rape and decades of sexually abusing women thinks he will “bounce back” and will have a second chance in Hollywood.
Well, now that we truly know what a bunch of degenerate perverts these peope are, maybe he’s right.
Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein thinks that he can still make movies and bounce back in Hollywood.
Weinstein is set for a showdown Tuesday with The Weinstein Company, which he founded. He appears intent on not getting out of the movie business any time soon, despite the horrific allegations against him.
Weinstein’s showdown with TWC is set for Tuesday morning in NYC, where he will make his case by speakerphone that he was illegally fired and has a right to retake the reins. His lawyer, Patty Glaser, will be in the Board of Directors meeting to make the case.
Our Weinstein sources say he knows he’s “momentarily toxic” but thinks with a little time, writers and actors will seek him out again because of his track record. He believes — and probably rightly so — that TWC exists because of him. He believes he can go back and produce movies, or he can just as easily do it somewhere else.
There are rumblings the Board may fire Weinstein as the first order of business, then disconnect the speakerphone and throw Patty Glaser out of the meeting.
There are a couple things here that are interesting. First, the fact he honestly believes he can go back to making movies is downright insanity. He might be financially able to pull it off, but who in their right mind will ever work with him again? Good luck convincing any elite female talent to get near this guy. It’s not going to happen.
He’s so toxic right now that simply working with him or suggesting that you’d like to work with him again could be enough to ruin a career. Nobody in Hollywood with a brain is taking that risk.
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