Democrat Candidate BUSTED Photoshopping Black Running Mate Out of Picture

Democrats subconsciously slip up and expose their inherent racism?
The political party responsible for slavery, the KKK, and welfare dependency just can’t seem to keep their own bigotry contained, and a Democrat candidate in the race for Virginia’s Governor just followed suit.
Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is facing off against Ed Gillespie (R) in a tight race, which has recently seen Gillespie pulling ahead.
Unfortunately for the Northam, however, his decision to airbrush his running mate, who is African American, out of a picture for a campaign mailer.
The Democrat candidate claims “race had nothing to do” with the decision, but knowing the left’s predilection towards subconscious displays of subtle racism, that is highly unlikely.
Northam’s latest move is probably not going to help his candidacy, as Brit Hume pointed out on Twitter.
Twitter users chimed in, pointing out that if Northam were a Republican, the left would be making a massive issue over this edited picture, but since the “offender” is a Democrat, there’s no outcry.
One clever Twitter user named Roberta Cargill even suggested that “cowgirl” Rep. Frederica Wilson should criticize the Democratic Party for this “racist” incident!
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