DISGRACE! Gay Liberal Coffee Shop Owner REFUSES to Serve Christians

In yet another example of the “tolerant” left, a coffee shop owner in Seattle went on a vulgar and blasphemous tirade against a group of Christians in his store.
After the owner of Bedlam Coffee discovered that a group of patrons in his store had been handing out Christian fliers, he flew off the handle, refusing to serve them and ordering them to leave.
The group tried to reason with the coffee shop owner, and asked him, “So you’re not willing to tolerate our presence?”
The owner of the coffee shop became unglued, screaming, “If I go get my boyfriend and f*** him in the a** right here, you’re going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it? Leave! All of you. Tell all your f***ing friends, don’t f***ing come here.”
As the group of Christians agreed to leave the establishment, the owner took one last, twisted parting shot when he added, “I’d f*** Christ in the a**. OK? He’s hot.”
Sadly, this intolerant and hateful mentality is all too common among the left, and this coffee shop owner is an accurate representation of the anger and rage that liberals have become consumed with.
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