DNC Refuses to Return Harvey Weinstein’s Donations

The party that claims to be the “champion of women” is refusing to give back the $300k that sex predator and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein donated.
Imagine, for a moment, if President Trump or the RNC refused to give back money donated by a disgusting pervert who abused women, do you think the media would have something to say about that?
The hypocrisy we’re witnessing is sickening.
Apparently, it’s perfectly OK for liberals to abuse women, especially in Hollywood, as we’ve seen the left stand firmly in support of sexual predators and abusers like Roman Polanski and others.
The Democratic National Committee announced Friday that it is still holding onto most of the money it received from Hollywood mogul and alleged sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein.
The DNC will donate just ten percent of the almost $300,000 received from Weinstein, money that will go to organizations close to the Democratic Party: EMILY’s List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights, all of which predominately help Democratic candidates running for office.
“The DNC’s response to the Harvey Weinstein matter is shockingly bad — even by Washington standards,” Alexandra Smith of the conservative opposition research firm America Rising said. “‘Donating’ a mere 10 percent of the entire Weinstein contribution to another left-leaning political action committee is a complete embarrassment.”
The mission statement of EMILY’s List is: “We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office.” Emerge America adds ethnic diversity to that same basic mission, proclaiming its intent “to increase the number of Democratic women leaders.” Higher Heights goal is to help black women get elected; the Center for Responsive Politics notes that it gives exclusively to Democrats.
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