Dolphins Players Who DISSED US Anthem, STOOD For the British Anthem

The Dolphins players who disrespected the US anthem and refused to stand had no problem standing for the British anthem.
The team is playing in England as part of a “cultural exchange program.
The three players were protesting fake “police oppression” of black people and supporting cop-hating group Black Lives Matter.
Because of this nonsense and political stunts, Americans have been tuning out of the games and ticket sales are down almost 18%.
The clash over the take-a-knee protest isn’t over yet, judging from what happened Sunday at the early NFL game in London.
President Trump turned up the pressure late Saturday with a tweet calling it “very important” for players to stand for the national anthem, and while most players did, three Miami Dolphins knelt during the anthem, then stood for “God Save the Queen,” DolphinsWire reported.
Two of the three players — receiver Kenny Stills and safety Michael Thomas — were among those taking knees during the 2016 season in a show of protest. The third player was tight end Julius Thomas, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
That was fewer than the six Dolphins who took a knee last weekend after the president suggested that players who did so should be fired.
The rest of the Dolphins stood on Sunday for the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” sung by Darius Rucker, while the New Orleans Saints knelt as a team before the playing of the anthem, then stood and linked arms for both the U.S. and British anthems.
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