Don Jr. BLASTS Nancy Sinatra for Saying ‘Murderous NRA Should Face Firing Squad’

Apparently Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only unhinged Democrat named “Nancy,” as the daughter of singer Frank Sinatra has now decided to weigh in on the Vegas Shooting.
The left continues to feign grief and horror after the massacre in Las Vegas, and have used the tragedy to fiercely demand more gun control.
Liberals have decided to attack the NRA and blame them for the shooting, and now Nancy Sinatra has revealed that she believes NRA members are “murderous” and should “face the firing squad.”
Sinatra’s inappropriate and insensitive tweet, which she has since deleted, earned her some harsh backlash on social media.
Don Junior couldn’t help but “take a shot” at Sinatra as well, and finished the aging liberal D-Lister with one epic tweet.
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