Dr. Phil Jumps Into Action, Refuses to Attack Trump and Politicize Vegas

While so many celebrities are busy attacking President Trump for every single thing he says and does, and even for things he doesn’t say or do, Dr. Phil decided to take a different approach.
Instead of attacking the President and politicizing the Vegas attack, he flew to Las Vegas and met with the injured.
From Daily Mail
Daily Mail TV got an exclusive look at Dr. Phil’s visit with Las Vegas shooting victims still recovering in the hospital.
In the segment, set to air in full on Dr. Phil on Friday, victims speak of the horror of the Sunday shooting and how they are dealing with the psychological trauma of surviving the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
One of the patients that Dr. Phil visited was still wearing his purple wristband from the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the concert targeted by gunman Stephen Paddock, 64.
He said that the shooting quickly brought everyone at the festival together.
‘When everybody was so terrified, it didn’t matter who you were and what you looked like, anything like that. You grabbed the person next to you and you helped them,’ the victim said.  
Dr. Phil spoke to two friends who attended the festival together, who spoke about trying to outrun Paddock’s bullets.
‘I just looked at her and I said, “We have to go.” So then we just started running,’ one of the girls said.   
Her friend, still recovering in her hospital bed, added: ‘Literally seconds after we started running, I knew I had got shot and I just went down.’
Dr. Phil asked the first girl how she was getting through the nightmare ordeal.
‘At this point, I keep telling myself that we’re thankful and I’m so glad that we made it out alive,’ she says, tearing up. ‘Because it could have been so much worse.’
One woman that Dr. Phil interviewed had a bandage over her neck.
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