EPIC FAIL! Chuck Schumer Takes a Shot at Trump, INSTANTLY Regrets It!

Chuck Schumer really is the definition of a typical Democrat, and will never pass up the opportunity to take a political jab at President Trump.
The shady Democrat has spent the entire first year of Trump’s presidency obstructing and undermining his every move, then turns around and criticizes him for tweeting!?
Schumer said that President Trump has “shown no leadership” and should “stop tweeting and start leading,” while criticizing the president on North Korea and other decisions.
As seen in the video below, Schumer has the audacity to speak for Americans, saying he knows what we want from our leader.
Needless to say, Trump supporters were not amused, and as usual, didn’t hesitate to let their thoughts on Schumer’s comments be known.
As one Twitter user pointed out, Chuck Schumer, despite what he claims, does NOT speak for us.
Schumer, like all Democrat politicians, has refused to cooperate with President Trump, and should apologize to the American people for not only his political treachery, but his claim to speak for all of us.
The American people didn’t elect Chuck Schumer or any of his “D.C. Swamp Creature” pals, we elected Donald Trump, and he needs to respect our decision.
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