EPIC VIDEO: High School Football Team Puts NFLers to SHAME!

How sad is it that these high school kids are worthy to be role models for the spoiled anti-American NFLers and not the other way around.
From FoxNews
A Southern California high school football team honored our military and sent a message to the National Football League with a soul-stirring pre-game entrance to the stadium on Friday.
The Burroughs High School football team in Ridgecrest marched onto the football field waving large American flags as Lee Greenwood’s beloved, “God Bless the U.S.A.” played on the public address system. 
Several listeners of the Todd Starnes Radio Show alerted us to the massive public display of patriotism. They pointed out the significant difference between how high school football players treat the flag and how professional football players treat the flag.
Watch the video:
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