Eric Holder Offends Gold Star Families With Latest ‘Take a Knee’ Comments

Obama’s former Attorney General (and radical race-baiter) Eric Holder is chiming in on the “take a knee” controversy, and offending the military and their family members in the process.
On Wednesday, Holder appeared on CNN and stated Gold Star families shouldn’t be offended by NFL players kneeling for the national anthem.
What an insensitive idiot!
From IJR
Former Attorney General Eric Holder is apparently now in the business of telling people — namely Gold Star families — how they should feel about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.
During a wide-ranging interview that aired Wednesday afternoon, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Holder if he understands the Gold Star families who find the controversial demonstration offensive.
Essentially, the former Obama administration official said Gold Star families shouldn’t be offended because the protest just isn’t about them:
“Gold Star families should not necessarily feel offended because the purpose of those demonstrations was not to disrespect people in the military, not to disrespect the flag. These are players expressing their — using their First Amendment rights to express views about the interaction between people in law enforcement and communities of color.”
“That’s what the stated purpose of the protest is,” he added.
Holder did admit Gold Star families have the right to be offended but noted something positive could result from the entire controversy if it weren’t for President Donald Trump.
Holder blamed the president for the entire issue, suggesting it wouldn’t be controversial had Trump not stepped in to “politicize” it.
“He’s trying to create a social wedge issue where there’s really not the need,” he told Tapper. “I think he could really do something positive with the controversy, and I think what he’s chosen to do is to do something political.”
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