‘Everything the Clinton Camp & DNC Falsely Accused Trump of Doing, THEY Were Doing!’

For months, Trump supporters were forced to listen to liberals, Democrat politicians, celebrities, and the mainstream media all squawk endlessly about the “Trump/Russian collusion,” which we knew was nothing.
As many of us said, Hillary and other prominent Democrats, such as the Podesta family, had clear-and-present ties to Russia, which eventually, the media would be forced to acknowledge.
Sure enough, largely thanks to the effort of Senator Chuck Grassley and Trump supporters on social media, the Democrats’ shady dealings with Russia were forced into the spotlight, and now, everything has changed.
It turns out that Hillary and her Democrat cronies had quite the sordid history with Russia, and were involved in some extremely questionable and scandalous dealings together.
Despite having shouted from the rooftops relentlessly for months about “Russian collusion” in an attempt to “de-legitimize” President Trump, the mainstream media has been curiously silent on the latest Clinton/Russia revelations.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee called out Clinton and DNC Democrats for helping to push the false narrative, especially while they were the ones doing everything they accused President Trump of having done!
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