Feminist? Hillary’s Husband and BFF are Both Sexual Predators

For being a so-called “feminist,” Hilary Clinton keeps some very strange company.
Her husband former President Bill Clinton is a well-known sexual predator who took advantage of a young intern inside the Oval Office and was impeached for it, not to mention the dozens of rape allegations, and the sexual assault lawsuit he settled with Paula Jones.
Now, we’re learning that Hillary’s close friend and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is also an infamous and dangerous sexual predator, who has been paying off his many victims for years.
In addition, a reporter is now telling a story of how Weinstein masturbated right in front of her.
So, with Hillary’s strange “bedfellows” is it now safe to assume that she is not a champion of women, and is in actuality a woman-abusing enabler at worse, and rotten judge of character at best?
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