Flashback: Hollywood Gives Child Rapist Roman Polanski A Standing Ovation

Hollywood director Roman Polanski is a child rapist.
He was arrested and charged with 5 counts of rape and assault against a 13-year-old child.
When he realized he would likely go to prison, Polanski fled the U.S. and held up in France.
Here is what a Grand Jury indicted him with:
  1. rape by use of drugs
  2. perversion
  3. sodomy
  4. lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen
  5. furnishing a controlled substance to a minor
And below is a video of all of Hollywood standing up and cheering this disgusting child abuser and rapist.
Polanski, like the disgraced Harvey Weinstein, is a well known predator, yet Hollywood shielded (and continues to shield) them both, and allowed them to prey on innocent victims for decades.
Watch the video:
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