Frederica Wilson is now Calling General Kelly ‘Racist’ Over ‘Empty Barrel’ Comment

After General Kelly criticized the lunatic Democrat Frederica Wilson, it was only a matter of time before the Democrats fell back on their old “call him a racist” routine.
We’ve seen this same failed tactic used by the left for decades, and the country isn’t buying it anymore.
General Kelly’s comments on the unhinged Congresswoman had nothing to do with race or gender, because Rep. Wilson is a blithering idiot and a divisive, opportunistic hate-monger, regardless of her race.
Now, Wilson is claiming that General Kelly’s “empty barrel” comment was somehow “racist,” but interestingly, she didn’t make this accusation until the fake news media gave her some help.
Yup, that’s right, Rep. Wilson didn’t find General Kelly’s comments to be “racist” until after MSNBC’s perpetually-triggered Lawrence O’Donnell and other liberal hacks spent all Thursday pushing that narrative.
In fact, even the far-left Planned Parenthood abortion mill chimed in, not wanting to miss an opportunity to take a shot at President Trump.
Overall, the whole ordeal has been absolutely ridiculous, and shows just how fed up Americans are getting with the left’s identity politics.
Simply put, Rep. Wilson acted like a fool, and was caught pushing an agenda-driven lie about President Trump, and when called out, tried to play “the race card” to get out of answering for her awful behavior.
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